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Washer Repair

Let’s face it, no one really enjoys doing the laundry, but if you are the typical Southern Californian you would much rather deal with laundry at your home than have to trudge out to the local Laundromat to take care of your laundry needs or even worse have to shell out the cash for professional cleaning services. In fact, most San Diego residents take for granted how convenient it is to have a washer at home until their washer stops working.

  • Shaking during operation
  • Slow water drainage or lack of water drainage
  • Washer not filling with water
  • Broken spin mechanism
  • Water leaks from machine or attached hoses
  • Broken cycles or failure to advance through a cycle
  • Loudness or abnormal sounds
  • Ineffective spin cycle
  • Broken digital display
  • Non-functioning pump
  • Foul or strange odors
  • Temperature issues (unrelated to water)
  • Door problems (jammed, locked, etc.)
  • Non-starting washing machine

By addressing the issues with your malfunctioning washing machine as soon as you notice them you can prevent costly repair bills down the line. A leaky water hose or corroded wiring can do serious damage to your property or a loved one. San Diego Service Center can fix any washing machine problem that you have at an affordable price and with minimal hassle. You can call for an appointment through our website. If you are having a problem with your washing machine, San Diego Service Center is the only call you need to make.

Refrigerator Repair

“The appliances of yesterday were simply made of better materials and were built to last!” If you’ve heard your grandma repeat this mantra, you aren’t alone. That is the common thought of many people today. However, the reality is there is much more diversity in the appliances that are available now. Some of the big names in appliances like Viking, Kenmore, LG, Frigidaire, Maytag, and Dacor are as good or better than the appliances of the old days. They come with more features, and better energy-savings so that you can save on your energy bills.

  • Range hood ducting
  • Range hood filters
  • Aluminium grease filters
  • Carbon odour filters exhaust filters
  • Filter Retaining Clips
  • Fluorescent Tubes

Releasing the chemical refrigerants into your air is illegal and unhealthy and against the law. We have your back though, with the training and tools needed to properly deal with all the environmental codes. Virtually every refrigerator problem can be fixed with the services of San Diego Service Center. We have you covered in every situation that involves refrigerators.

When you call, make sure you tell the customer service representative that you need commercial refrigerator repair in San Diego. That will guarantee you a high priority appointment and same day service. In most cases, a repair technician will be dispatched immediately to come take a look at your commercial refrigerator and begin making repairs. You don’t have to stop business just because you have a commercial appliance problem. We are standing by, ready to help!

Range Hood Repair

The range hood is one of the most crucial appliances installed in the kitchen space as it extracts unwanted smoke, grease, heat, and moisture out of a home’s living space. In short, to achieve proper ventilation and ensure clean indoor air for you and your family, the installation of range hood is a must. A benefit of a range hood’s primary function is that it increases the level of comfort during the preparation and cooking of meals. Imagine how frustrating and annoying it is to cook your daily meals in a kitchen covered in smoke, heat, and grease! It is not the most pleasant feeling that one would like to endure while cooking dishes, you see. Lastly, range hoods ensure that other kitchen appliances, cabinetry, countertops, walls, and flooring are kept clean and germ-free. Without a properly installed range hood, your kitchen will be a gooey, sticky mess! Thick films of grease and dirt layered on top of each other are hard to remove from surfaces. The ventilation power of range hoods efficiently traps smoke and grease before it can even have the chance to land on the items in and around your kitchen.

  • Affordable repair services
  • Highly skilled repair experts
  • Quality and all-original parts
  • On-time and speedy service
  • Expert diagnosis and No hidden charges
  • Cleaning and maintenance services

All these parts need to be assessed one by one in order for experts to render professional repair service. Our company only makes use of original parts and accessories. In fact, our main warehouse is stocked with authentic and factory spare parts to ensure that we can deliver prompt service whatever the make and model of your ice maker may be. Our technicians only use top-of-the-line equipment and tools when providing in-home ice maker repair. This is to ensure that the job gets done in an efficient manner and that your ice maker and refrigerator are guaranteed to be safe from further damage or breakdown. Best of all, these parts are inexpensive despite their sturdy and reliable qualities. Parts replacement and repair are very much affordable, you don’t have to worry about going over your budget!